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The Trend Report on Golf Apparel & Gear


This report is a collaboration between HYPER & @landforce.

Golf is different than it used to be.

The sport's inherent elitist, country club energy is slowly fading, and instead, we’re witnessing a new wave of brands, communities, and spokespeople rebrand it to connect with younger demographics.

In other words, the “game for old white guys” narrative is unraveling before our eyes, thanks partly to a youthful injection of creativity and playfulness.

Without further adieu, here’s a consumer-focused report on Golf Apparel and Accessories. Or we can call it Golfcore, as the kids say.

In this report, we unpack the following:

  • This new golf landscape
  • The brands that are creating a new narrative
  • How they're marketing their products in their respective lanes
  • Creative tactics for brand building, content, seeding, and partnerships
  • A wealth of merchandising & sourcing resources for those wanting to create their own products
  • and much more!

We built this report for:

  • Consumer-focused Investors
  • Those working in athletics or activewear
  • Creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs who want to launch their own brand
  • + Anyone excited about the activewear or golf niche

Use this as your inspiration source to learn more about the space, find exciting brands, study successful tactics, and learn how to create your own successful products in the space.

In the report, you'll find:

  • 10 featured brands
  • 1 deep-dive on a brand via video
  • Dozens of factories recommendations that brands actually use
  • Macro-level market analysis
  • A playbook you can follow for creating content
  • 1 in-depth product development video
  • Product development glossary

BONUS: A guide to launching your own golf brand.

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A comprehensive review of the golf landscape, brands at play, market opportunity, and factories to act on them with.


The Trend Report on Golf Apparel & Gear

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